Update 28th of Jul, 2014
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The Low Down

San Diego, you haven't disappointed me today. There were waves, small Summer surf conditions ok, but there was enough to surf. It was hot, humid (quite unusual though...), and the sunset was a delight.

The South Californian vibe is exactly how I imagined it, from the way it is pictured in movie or surf mags. It's laid back, fun, and sometimes weird, but in a good way. Good weird.

Anyway, I thought I'd give you a feel of what today was feeling like. Pretty cool to shoot a sunset over the Ocean again !

Have a great day, and a good start of the week.


Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)

Ocean Beach Pier
Buy Print 28 Jul 14 | Ocean Beach Pier | San Diego, CA
Typical californian beach view. Very similar to the iconic Huntington Beach pier...
Buy Print 28 Jul 14 | Cliche | San Diego, CA
That's exactly how I imagined South California from the mags and movies...and that's exactly how it is...
Stoked and broke
Buy Print 28 Jul 14 | Stoked and broke | San Diego, CA
If you haven't seen the movie (Stoked and broke), watch it. This is it: life with a trolley.
The price to pay
Buy Print 28 Jul 14 | The price to pay | San Diego, CA
Leaving the leggie in the car can make you swim and grab your board on the sand...a few times !
Surf wagon
Buy Print 28 Jul 14 | Surf wagon | San Diego, CA
Blast from the past. This shot could have been taken 30 years ago...
Buy Print 28 Jul 14 | Birds | San Diego, CA
The local birds are all over the joint, fishing all day in the middle of the line-up. Quite amazing to watch...


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