Update 23rd of Oct, 2014
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The Low Down

Colours and waves. If I had to describe this morning in 2 words, those would be my choice.

It is amazing to live in a place where you can wake up to pink, orange and red, go for a couple of waves, grab a coffee, and be in the City in a glass building within an hour...God bless Sydney and the 'Burbs.

Heaps of activity today down the beach. The bee-hive was buzzing full blast this morning. Everyone is getting in shape for the look-how-fit-i-am-and-how-cool-are-my-boardies season, and that's good.

Have a great day !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)



Buy Print 23 Oct 14 | Symmetry | Bondi
What a morning to run a few laps ! The view makes you forget you're actually exercising.
Fun wall
Buy Print 23 Oct 14 | Fun wall | Bondi
Fun rights on the South corner. Not that consistent though...you really have to pick the right ones...
Buy Print 23 Oct 14 | Cracker | Bondi
It's been a few days since we've really had colours in the sky...
Ripping JJ
Buy Print 23 Oct 14 | Ripping JJ | Bondi
Long or short board, JJ knows all the tricks in the book !
Heading out
Buy Print 23 Oct 14 | Heading out | Bondi
Morning gathering for a couple of glides before work...
Buy Print 23 Oct 14 | Happy | Bondi
The sun is out ! Hooray !


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Vera says...
That's it, Franck! And in my way home from the surf around 7am there were two tradies driving down Bondi Road in a big steel truck, one was leaning comfortably against the seat in the driver's cabin playing guitar while the other was singing from the top of his lungs.

So, like you, I thought to myself, this is Bondi at its best. Like Solla-Sollew in the Dr. Seuss books (where no one has troubles, at least very few)...:-)

Yesterday 5:55am
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