Update 17th of Sep, 2014
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The Low Down

Now we're talking ! What a morning: offshore winds, clean fun waves (2-4ft), and a bright warm sun. Winning combo !

The forecasted South swell has arrived on the dot (must be coming from Switzerland). With it, came favorable winds. And with those, came the crowd.

There was a training this morning on the South end of the beach to feature in the Guiness Book of Records: the most number of surfers taking off on a wave. I think we're close to breaking the record and make Bondi Beach even more famous than it already is.

This swell is due to stay a few days, so there should be plenty of waves to be enjoyed until at least Sunday. You'll just have to monitor what the winds are doing to pick your spot accordingly.

Have a good day, and I hope you'll get a few waves today. Wait till water drops a notch, and that should be pretty fun !


Soft coloured clouds
Buy Print 17 Sep 14 | Soft coloured clouds | Bondi
A touch a colours just after sunrise...
Buy Print 17 Sep 14 | Exit | Bondi
Elegant way to finish off a nice long ride...
Summer is on the way
Buy Print 17 Sep 14 | Summer is on the way | Bondi
On a windy day like this, the water feels amazing. Try it tomorrow morning !
Buy Print 17 Sep 14 | Backwash | Bondi
With the higher side of the tide comes the backwash...
Morning traffic jam
Buy Print 17 Sep 14 | Morning traffic jam | Bondi
I am sure we could fit a couple more...
Changing peak
Buy Print 17 Sep 14 | Changing peak | Bondi
Leaving the busy South Bondi peak for the quieter lefts of the Tower...


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