Update 22nd of Jul, 2014
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The Low Down

With the wind backing off, this morning offered some fun !

Lefts, rights, middle bank, south bank, 1.5 foot, 3 foot, there was pleasure on offer for all kinds of gliding objects, and all skill levels.

Rather that walking around, wishing I was in a different spot, I decided this morning to stay put in one place, and one place only to shoot this report. So I picked my angle, and settled in my Eagle's nest for 45min. Not too unhappy with the result !

Have fun today !


Buy Print 22 Jul 14 | Contrast | Bondi
The joy of surfing without a leggie: picking up the board from the sand...
Little screamer
Buy Print 22 Jul 14 | Little screamer | Bondi
How about that little left ?...
5 to 12
Buy Print 22 Jul 14 | 5 to 12 | Bondi
Blake Thornton, showing everyone what time it is...
Buy Print 22 Jul 14 | Railwork | Bondi
Shoulder slicing...
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Back from the open seas...
Bondi wildlife
Buy Print 22 Jul 14 | Bondi wildlife | Bondi
Connecting with the local flying community...


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