Update 21st of Nov, 2014
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The Low Down

We're on for a heated ride today !! 23 degrees at 5:30am...WoW !

The only downside was the swell. Where did it all go ? Last night was looking the goods, and I could not wait to take the waterhousing for a ride. SoBo made me froth, as he just paddled back in after 2 hours swimming/shooting last night. I got the gear all ready to jump into the blue at 5:30am, and then.........not much. Damn !

But in the glass half full, it was quite a nice morning to be at the beach. Perfect waters for a swim, no after swim chill, some fun looking clouds...what a day !!

Today is probably the last Frothers up-date in this current format. End of a chapter. Beginning of a new one. Let's pray the magic nerdy gods of IT that all will transition smoothly (I pray !).

Have a great weekend, and instead of wasting electricity putting the airco on all day: leave work early and come for a swim ! :()


Morning Silhouettes
Buy Print 21 Nov 14 | Morning Silhouettes | Bondi
Board meeting on a silver Ocean...
Uncle J and the weird clouds
Buy Print 21 Nov 14 | Uncle J and the weird clouds | Bondi
Uncle J took the SUP out for a spin, catching what was certainly the wave of the day...
Yogi Indian Chief
Buy Print 21 Nov 14 | Yogi Indian Chief | Bondi
Miss Apache on her favorite kind of board...
Loyal friend
Buy Print 21 Nov 14 | Loyal friend | Bondi
A loyal little friend, jealous not to go for a dip as well...
Buy Print 21 Nov 14 | Light | Bondi
Someone once told me ''Don't shoot a subject. Shoot the light. Make it your subject''. I like to go back to those basics sometimes...
Consett Avenue
Buy Print 21 Nov 14 | Consett Avenue | Bondi
Backstreet scenery...


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