Update 21st of Aug, 2014
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The Low Down

After a few flat days, there has been a little tiny mini pulse of swell, here in the Basque Country.

Everyone was trying to get a couple after a (too) long period of swell drought. Everyone was hitching, frothing for a paddle.

But before one could get enough, even remotely, it was over already. Gone. Disappeared. vanished. Flat.

Have you seen the highlights of the Tahiti Pro ? The wave is offering one of the most amazing show, bringing together a mix of fear, excitement, crazy technical performance and great anticipation. Check it out in the coming days. I was talking this afternoon with Teahupo'o local WQS surfer/charger Steven Pierson, and from what he could read on the forecasts, he said it was going to be huge, probably too big to actually paddle. So, stay tuned !

Guethary sunset
Buy Print 21 Aug 14 | Guethary sunset | Guethary, France
Finally there were a bit of colours in the sky last night...
Low ceiling
Buy Print 21 Aug 14 | Low ceiling | Bidart, France
Flat water and threatening clouds: the story of this Summer.
Walk alone
Buy Print 21 Aug 14 | Walk alone | Bidart, France
Enjoying the normally packed beaches at this time of the year to have a moment alone...
Sand artist
Buy Print 21 Aug 14 | Sand artist | Guethary, France
A 11 year old sand artist...
Catching one
Buy Print 21 Aug 14 | Catching one | Bidart, France
Waves have been such a rare commodity that catching one has been everyone's main purpose yesterday...
Stormy sunset
Buy Print 21 Aug 14 | Stormy sunset | Guethary, France
A weird looking sunset over the very traditional fishing port...


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