Update 27th of Aug, 2014
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The Low Down

Dodging the flat and the rain for one day, I managed to sail on one of the most amazing places of the Atlantic Coast of France, the Bassin d'Arcachon.

Leaving from Cap Ferret, we sailed this old wooden lady around, using the high tide to access the Cabanes Tchanquées, a couple of houses in the middle of the water, 3km from any shore.

Wave wise, it's been flat. Everyone is desperate around here. Nothing has been on radar for weeks. Nothing. What's been on the radar though: rain and clouds. So today, the swell is back...with 20 knots of onshore winds, and rain. The locals' mood is pretty low, and so is the tourists' in need of sun.

Have you watched the final day of the Billabong Pro in Tahiti ? How amazing was that day ?!

Leaving the shore tomorrow. Next time I'll see the Ocean, it'll be in Bondi.

Have a great day.


Cabane Tchanquee
Buy Print 27 Aug 14 | Cabane Tchanquee | Cap Ferret, France
If you want to be alone and disconnect, this might be the place for you...
Buy Print 27 Aug 14 | Wooden | Cap Ferret, France
I spent the afternoon sailing this amazing lady, all made of wood...
Sail away
Buy Print 27 Aug 14 | Sail away | Cap Ferret, France
Peace and quiet...
Buy Print 27 Aug 14 | Ropes | Cap Ferret, France
To sail properly, you gotta know the ropes...
Teach them young
Buy Print 27 Aug 14 | Teach them young | Lacanau, France
0.5ft waves...perfect only for the very very young guns. Richard and his future champs.
Lacanau North
Buy Print 27 Aug 14 | Lacanau North | Lacanau, France
The lack of good weather and waves has kept most people off the beach...me included...


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